Lawrence Darani a forward thinking individual, existentialist and all round great person passed away rather suddenly from Idiopathic Lung disease. This post is an account by James Norris and the story of how Lawrence helped shaped DeadSocial. It has been approved by Lawrence's wife Lucy Darani.

Lawrence Darani

On 18th March in the early hours, Lawrence was finding it hard to breathe. He managed to call an ambulance and he was rushed into it. At the hospital Lawrence was asked “do you have any allergies”? Lawrence turned to the member of staff and said “YES, the Torries” (Conservative Party)! This was a typically quick witted, comic and honest approach that those who knew Lawrence loved and respected him for. Lawrence passed away later the same day. I met Lawrence just over a year ago in preparation for Dying Matters Awareness Week. DeadSocial ran a Pop-Up shop in Camden to help rasie awareness on areas surrounding end of life and the good work carried out by the charity Dying Matters. Lawrence was a true professional and his years as an adult teacher and extensive research into philosophy, death and religion clear. Lawrence’s seminar ‘what is it about death that scares us’ was ran as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week and teased those attending to question death mortality and fear. Lawrence’s thinking and his approach to death resonated with me and I asked him if he would be interested working more closely with us going forward.

Lawrence Darani & James Norris at the DeadSocial Pop-Up shop

We were honored when he agreed and were lucky enough to work with him when planning future phases of DeadSocial;s development. We also presented and ran workshops together for Social Media Week and for Dying Matters Day of the Dead conference. During this period Lawrence became both a team member and a mentor. His thinking was very aligned to our own and we also worked with Lawrence to expand his own ethical Will. Lawrence was a philosopher with a love of history. On one of his East London tours he highlighted the changing face of East London over the centuries. It was a pleasure to work with and get to know Lawrence. His influence on DeadSocial will live on through the direction he helped set.

On Thursday Lawrence’s funeral took place and I met many of his friends and family for the first time. The impact Lawrence had on his friends and family was clear by the wonderful eulogies and words spoken about him afterwards. The humanist service played a number of Lawrence’s favourite songs before closing on the Beatles Obladi Oblada Life Goes on.

Two further events to commemorate Lawrence have been planned. The first took place this morning at Barking College. This gathered 33 people and evoked both laughter and tears. The second will take place at 6.30pm, this Wednesday (9th April) at Harmony House Dagenham (for directions click here). If you would like to attend please get in contact with us and we will send over the relevant information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l


As well as creating a number of messages and videos for his friends and family. Lawrence also created a number of tutorial videos to assist DeadSocial's users. These will be made live in the coming months. Before this time Lawrence’s family have kindly agreed for us to release the video below.


Lawrence, you will be missed

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