DeadSocial is a UK Startup that allows anyone to create a series of scheduled and secret messages. These messages are then only distributed across the users Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account(s) after he or she dies. In doing so it allows us all to extend our digital legacy using the social web.

DeadSocial is and will remain free for everyone to use after we launch a beta version at The Next Web's Startup Rally (powered by Microsoft Bizspark) later this week. However, we will be rolling out a very special version that integrates into Facebook Pages. 


This will allow you to follow your favourite movie stars, musicians and other high profile individuals by engaging with their newly published material long after they have gone.

It would be wonderful for us to have a few celebrities register ahead of our trip to Amsterdam. This will be (of course) be free for any such individuals. Please just create an account and/or let us know via Twitter, Facebook, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the box below.

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