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Last night's episode of Black Mirror set Twitter on fire as a truly engaging and thought provoking episode aired on Channel 4. The 'Be Right Back' story highlighted some of the same themes that we have addressed ahead of launch.

DeadSocial is a tool that will allow us to "live forever on the social web". It will enable us to create a series of messages in accordance with our 'social media will' that are are only distributed to our private social media accounts (initially Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) on specific dates post death. Messages will support video, images and text

DeadSocial Digital Legacy

DeadSocial differs from the software depicted in Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror episode 'Be Right Back in many ways. To start off with DeadSocial doesn't use Artificial Intelligence and DNA to create and predict what a deceased user might say and how they would act. Instead an archive of organic, heartfelt messages can be saved by the living in the form of unreleased videos, images and text. These can later bring comfort for those we leave behind.

A study by Dying Matters found that 88% of GP's agree that if Britons felt more comfortable discussing dying, death and bereavement it would be easier to have our end of life wishes met. They also found out the Precisely 15% of us would like to "live forever".

In Black Mirror's  'Be Right Back' episode the tragic and unexpected end to Ash's life leaves stones unturned and goodbyes untold. DeadSocial allows for a safety net of messages to be created and only sent out once our life ends. This will enable each one of us to address death before it addresses us to help closure occur for those we leave behind. Furthermore, "DeadSocial will also allow for us to extend our relationships virtually even once our physical bodies fail us" (James Norris, CEO DeadSocial)

The possibilities for the use of DeadSocial as a platform for creativity is still largely unknown. Poetry, music, unreleased stories and tales could all be told as a final goodbye or in order to extend our lives and relationships virtually.

DeadSocial will be hosting a special launch party at the social media conference South by South West (SXSWi) on the 8th March. It is free to attend, a number of UK musicians will be performing and it wiil be open to all. However this (free) get together will be a ticket only event. If you are going to be attending SXSW this year and would like to reserve an invitation before the release you can do so by emailing Josh via: 


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