Musical taste is often described as a reflection of oneself . It is therefore not surprising that many of us have thought about the songs that we would like to have played at our funeral. 

Marie Curie recently ran a poll to out what the most desired funeral songs are within the UK.  As you would expect the songs chosen varied across many genres however ‘top ten’ most wanted funeral songs in the UK can be seen below. The poll was ran during Dying Matters Awareness Week

Marie Curie

The Funeral Chart 2013 – UK Top Ten:

1 Frank Sinatra “My Way”

2 Gerry & The Pacemakers “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

3 Eric Idle “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

4 Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli "Time to Say Goodbye”

5 Queen “Don’t Stop Me Now”

6 The Jam “Going Underground”

7 Queen “Who Wants to Live Forever”

8 Pink Floyd “Comfortably Numb”

9 Meat Loaf “Bat out of Hell”

10 The Beatles “In My Life”

Stating which song you would like to have played at your funeral is a very easy thing to do and yet many of us have not done so. If you are not really interested in music and do not care as to which songs are played at your funeral then this should also be stated in your will. This will make things easier on those left behind when arranging the next steps. 

We have been told of many cases when those left behind feel under even more stress and pressure as the deceased didn’t state what kind of funeral they would like or the songs that they would like to have played.

To do this task simply tell your wife, husband, partner, son, daughter, etc TONIGHT! 

...In the mean time, "take it away Frank"


About Dying Matters: 
Dying Matters ( is a national coalition that aims to help transform public attitudes towards dying, death and bereavement. It is led by the National Council for Palliative Care, and has over 30,000 members including charities, care homes, hospices, GPs, funeral directors and legal and financial organisations.

About Marie Curie Cancer Care
: Marie Curie Cancer Care is one of the UK’s largest charities. Employing more than 2,700 nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals, it provided care to more than 35,000 terminally ill patients in the community and in its nine hospices last year and is the largest provider of hospice beds outside the NHS. Around 70 per cent of the charity’s income comes from the generous support of thousands of individuals, membership organisations and businesses, with the balance of our funds coming from the NHS.

Marie Curie Nurses:
 The charity is best known for its network of Marie Curie Nurses working in the community to provide end of life care, totally free for patients in their own homes.

The right to die in place of choice
Research shows around 63 per cent of people would like to die at home if they had a terminal illness, with a sizeable minority opting for hospice care. However, more than 50 per cent of cancer deaths still occur in hospital, the place people say they would least like to be. Since 2004 Marie Curie Cancer Care has been campaigning for more patients to be able to make the choice to be cared for and die in their place of choice.



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