During Social Media Week 2013 DeadSocial will be hosting two very different events ‘Death, Digital Demise, Community & Digital Legacy’ is an event aiming to explore society’s changing attitudes and behavior in relation to ‘end of life’ and mourning. It will be examined from the context of todays’ connected world from a number of differing perspectives.


DeadSocial will then be supporting Lawrence Darani’s unique workshop. Lawrence is a terminally ill existentialist interested in exploring death both in the physical and virtual world. Lawrence & DeadSocial will be working together to expand workshop previously developed by Lawrence. 'What is it about death that scare us? will help us address death mentally before it comes knocking. This workshop will then help attendees to become ready for death both in the online and offline world. Both events are free however there are a limited amount of tickets for both. Tickets will first become available at 9am on Wednesday 14th August


- Death, Digital Demise, Community & Digital Legacy. Full information here:

- What is it about death that scare us? Full information here    

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