'Respect Green Burial Parks' are holding the 'Green Burial Awareness Day 2013' at the Bawtry green burial park on Sunday the 25nd August 2013.

This year sees the launch of four new products, Respect Everybody Shrouds which Respect have designed from Eco Friendly Bamboo material, and have woven / manufactured in the UK to Respects design, for both humans and pets.

They have built in handles so they are coffin-less-shrouds which are easy to handle especially for those who want to be more involved in the funeral to help make it a more meaningful personal affair and tailored to a celebration of life.

 Green Burial Awareness Day

Respect are also launching locally made recycled wooden coffins which is a Social Enterprise based organisation and they will be showing their first public display of the coffins  These are sturdy caskets, well made, but simple in design. Each casket will be lined with cotton, with a bed and pillow of cotton wrapped wool, each casket will have six sisal rope handles or a long wooden bar and peg design. 

 ECO-Friendly coffins

During the day people will be able to stroll around the burial park and see for themselves why so many people are pre booking their eternal resting places with Respect. Visitors will be able to ask questions and break the myth that Green Burial is something so different.

“Green Burials and Eco concerns are mainstream and mean families can have a time-rich, unhurried, unique, personalised ceremony of their choice enabling the funeral to be a more meaningful reflection and celebration of one’s life".

Location: Scrooby / Bawtry, Great North Rd A638/A614 North Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire DN10 6AB

For more information visit the open day on Thursday, visit  or call: 01302 378359 

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