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DeadSocial are dedicated in providing the best digital legacy and digital end of life planning tutorials. We write all of our tutorials independently without outside influence from healthcare organisations and pharmaceutical manufacturers. If you would like a tutorial to be written that does not currently exist please contact us and we will write a resource based on you requirements for absolutely free.


A selection of the tutorials that you may find of value


Preparing for death on social media sites



Downloading your media & data from social networks



Funeral-tech tutorials


Technology is playing an increasingly important role in funerals across the globe. You may find some of our funeral-tech tutorials below of interest.  



End of Life planning tutorials (general)

Offline legacy tutorials



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There are two main ways that website visitors navigate to our resources. The first is through the sections: Legacy builder, Preparing and Bereaved. These are the three main stages that our users (often) fall under when visiting the site.

The second more direct way is through the 'Resources' drop-down navigation. This breaks down and displays most of our tutorials and resources by their specific subject matter rather than the requirements of the website visitor. An image of the interface can be found below. Alternatively to view our tutorials (by subject matter) hover over the 'Resources' button above.

 Resources & Tutorials

Offline Tutorials & Resources 


We have helped write, create and collaborated with a range of publishers, charities and event organisers to produce offline resources. These range from a template for writing a will to leaflets, TV interviews, stickers, videos and books.


Five steps to Sort out your Digital LegacyFirst five steps

Download and share the flyer in English (PDF) by clicking here / or in Welsh by clicking here


nurse for deadsocial new website smallHealthcare Professional & Charity Tutorials


We have helped to produce a range of different pieces of material and literature for both the Healthcare and the Charity sector. To find out more about our work in these sectors click here


Can we Palliate Social Media? LeaftletCan We Palliate social media leaflet side 2

The leaflet above was made available to attendees by Macmillan Primary Care Conference 2015


Social Media Guides for dealing with death


Each social network has its own rules, regulations and processes when dealing with death. We have provided step by step guides and tutorials to help you manage, maintain, transfer information or even delete individual accounts.

There isn't a best way or 'best practice' to follow when preparing for death on social media sites. DeadSocial aim to educate and provide tools to help cater for each individual's needs.


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62% of us consider being able to access a deceased friend or family member's social media accounts 'important' or 'very important' 


- Digital Death Survey 2014


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