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James Norris (CEO, DeadSocial) will explore how physical assets are heavily intertwined with death, mourning and the rituals behind grieving on the 21st February at the University of Bath. Assets are often used as a way for the living to feel connected to the deceased and to bridge a gap between life and death.

James' seminar will explore the relationship between death, physical possessions and the value innate objects can attain. With the increasing value asserted to digital assets he will then investigate digital assets from a number of differing perspectives. The seminar will conclude with a blurring of death, legacy, ritual and remembrance within the ever expanding digital realm.

James Norris 

Event Overview

We all know that we'll eventually die but very few people make plans for the entirety of their assets, especially digital ones. This CDAS seminar on the post-death afterlife of digital assets will examine how individual's can manage the full spectrum of 21st century property and the challenges posed by the digital world. The speakers will address everything from management of estates to controlling a person's post-mortem identity. Whether it's passwords, social networking accounts, or online property, the certainty of death opens up an entirely new world for living next of kin to negotiate after a person dies.

Speakers: James Norris, CEO of DeadSocialDr. Wendy Moncur, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, Andrea Pierce, Head of Legal Services at Kings Court Trust Ltd

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